Chianti Region

Chianti Region

History, countryside, fine wine, lovely food in this great tour in the heart of  Tuscany.

If you are staying in Florence, spending an half day or a full day exploring the Chianti countryside, it’s the best way to recharge your battery and learn a bit more of how much the region Tuscany has to offer!
You can reach the Chianti area by public bus, by renting a Vespa moto or, the best way, it’s by renting a car!

The Chianti area is located between the south part of Florence and the northern part of Siena.

In this beautiful countryside you can find many little towns, castles, rural houses or “agriturismi”, all over the charming hills that characterize this part of Tuscany. The main naturalistic elements are of course the vineyards, the olive oil trees and the famous symbol of the region: the cypress tree!

Most Chiantis towns were related since the Middle age to Florence or Siena. Some of them were important market centers and many powerful Florentine or Senese families lived in the countryside or had many properties there. It was always a very popular area not just for the benefits coming from the agricultural products, but also because a big part of the Chianti Countryside was crossed by two important communication roads which allowed many pilgrim and merchant to travel and rise the economy: the roman via Cassia and the Middle age Via Francigena( it used to link England to Rome). That is why this territory was always disputed by Florence and Siena

Most towns of Chianti had preserved their middle age aspecst: the time seems to have stopped, and everywhere you decide to go, you’ll have the chance to relax and live the slow life.

The most famous places of the Chianti are: Greve in chianti with his beautiful main square Giovanni da Verrazzano in honor of the great explorer that discovered the New York bay. Close to it there’s the famous castle of Montefioralle or the abbey of Passignano with the amazing fresco of the Last Supper done by Ghirlandaio, Michelangelo’s first teacher. If you continue more, in the heart of the Countryside you can reach the fascinating town of Radda in Chianti and Castellina in Chianti where the famous Chianti Classico wine is produced. You can end your day in Barberino val d’Elsa, which is a little walled medieval town.

On the way to the different places, don’t forget to stop in one or maybe two cellars in order to taste the famous Chanti Wine!! There are so many places where you can do fantastic tours to discover everything about the Chianti Production!

The main ingredient for this wine is the famous Sangiovese grape, but also other grapes could be blended like the canaiolo, colorino, cabernet or merlot grapes. Because the Chianti wines have obtained the DOC and DOCG certification, there are many lows to be respected to guarantee the quality of the product and the customers that buy the bottles!
Doing a tour in this cellar it’s really important if you want to know more about all different Chianti produced, especially regarding the famous Chianti Classico wine, considered the best Chianti, the one with the Black Rooster symbol, that it’s just produced on  a very small part of the Chianti countryside.

But remember, there’s not just the Chianti wine to taste. If you want to see the fantasy and talent of a winemaker, try their supertuscan wines!

In some of the cellars you have to book in advance your visit; in some others, you can just stop and enjoy a glass of their wine!

Tasting the extra virgin olive oil,  it’s another must to do her! But also the cold meat, cheeses, the Florentine steak, can’t be missed. Part of the Chainti is covered by beautiful woods, that why in the restaurants you can find plates of pasta with mushrooms or the delicious truffle

If you’re hungry or thirsty ask us to organise a tour for you in Chianti!